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Wig Storage 101

Information abounds for how to choose a wig, wear a wig, and wash a wig but what about the most basic of wig tasks: storing your wig when it’s not on your head? There are a variety of ways and a few hard and fast rules to make sure your wig looks great the next time you put it on, whether that be tomorrow morning or next month.

The Never, Evers

Nobody likes rules, so we will keep it to just two:

  1. Never store your wig in the sunlight. Those beautiful tresses can quickly become brittle, fragile, and faded if left in the sun for extended amounts of time.

  2. Never put a wig away for storage while damp. Just like most things, wigs can mold. Need we say more? Ewwww!

Short Term Storage

In this case, short term storage means you are wearing your wig daily or weekly. You can keep your wig handy in your bathroom or on your dressing table with a mannequin head or wig stand. Routine washing and wearing does not lend itself well to box storage as the wig needs a place to breathe and dry. If you switch your look up between several wigs consider hooks on the wall or even an over the door coat rack with the hooks wrapped in a bit of tissue paper.

Long Term Storage

If you rotate your wigs by the season or are just an occasional wearer the best place for storage is in your cool, dark closet. You can do this in a variety of ways. Many opt for storing back in the original box with a few pieces of tissue paper to keep it looking nice. If box storage is not an option due to space, consider hanging the wigs in plastic bags from pants hangers or even tucking them into a hanging shoe organizer. The key is to make sure they are completely dry and gently covered. Lightweight scarves draped over the wig will help ensure it doesn’t pick up dust.

Travel Storage

A travel bag and travel stand for your wig is a great investment if you’re often on the move. However, if you don’t have those, never fear. Your wig can be stored in your luggage in a large ziplock bag. For an extra bit of protection, seal the bag almost entirely then insert a drinking straw into the edge and puff in a little air before sealing the rest of the way. If you’ll be traveling by car during the heat of summer, keep the wig gently covered in the backseat and never leave it for long periods of time in a hot car.

Master the Flip and Fold

An easy trick to help your wig maintain its shape is to gently turn it inside out and then fold it in half from ear to ear. Shorter lengths will be nicely encased but longer lengths may need to be gently wrapped around the perimeter. To keep things bundled up nicely, top with a hairnet which will capture stray strands and help keep things from getting tangled.

There you have it! You are now a wig storing expert and ready for anything life throws your way. If you’d like to add a few more wigs to your collection, make a beeline to our showroom and be prepared to buy!!!!



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