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I Hate Wearing Wigs. What Now?

For some people, wigs and hair loss go hand-in-hand. After all, wigs are a truly fabulous option. They open the door to a near infinite amount of hairstyle and color combinations, and they can make you feel like yourself again. However, if you're reading this, its probably because you hold a burning hatred (or at least general dislike) for wigs. You've tried them, and they're just not your thing.

Wigs aren't right for everyone. Some people find wigs to be cumbersome and uncomfortable. Others don't like the styling and upkeep associated with wigs. Whatever your reason for opting out of wigs, we're here to help you.  Full wigs are not the only option for hair loss. In fact, there are several alternatives available. We’ve compiled a list of both hair related and non-hair related potential options to choose from.

Detachable Bangs

Detachable Bangs are a fabulous option for adding just a dash of hair to your style without wearing a full wig. Bangs have a way of helping frame your face and can be worn to match your personal style, such as side swept or fringe cut. Just a pinch of hair coming out from under a hat or scarf can go a long way to boost your confidence level.

Hair Halos

Hair Halos are an amazing alternative to the full wig. This innovative option is exceptionally light compared to traditional wigs. They are open on top for a more comfortable, breathable feel. The hair halo is composed of an elastic or silicone band with hair sewn onto it. The halo can then be placed atop the wearer’s head and worn with a hat or scarf, giving the illusion of a full head of hair underneath.

Hats with Hair

Another fantastic alternative to wigs is the Hat With Hair Synthetic locks of varying lengths are sewn around the inner perimeter of a baseball cap for an incredibly simple, on-the-go look. Besides the throw-on-and-go style, another perk to the Hat with Hair is the ability to easily adjust the hat’s size for a more comfortable fit.  There are also headband wigs, which feature a headband instead of ball cap.


Some people prefer regular headwear, such as scarves, Beanies, or Turbans. We say “regular”, but there’s actually nothing regular about hats and scarves. Different styles, colors, patterns, and materials give you unlimited options, allowing you to easily express your personal style.

Wigs aren’t for everyone, and that’s ok. With the amount of choices available, settling for something you find uncomfortable or unflattering is not an option. Our diverse collection of items for hair loss or casual wear will inspire you. Have you tried any wig alternatives before? Tell us about your experience in the comments section below!



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