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Wig Caps:Meh or Yeah?

Wig wearers are adept at collecting an inventory of wig-wearing accessories and care products. From gentle wig-friendly shampoos and conditioners to wig stands and scarves, a true wig wearer knows what to reach for to make the wig-wearing experience a win through any activity or weather challenge life throws their way.

One wig accessory that continues to splash across the scene is the humble wig cap. There are lovers, there are haters, and a myriad of nuances to construction that can shift that love into hate and vice versa.

The primary purpose of a wig cap is to add a layer of protection between your scalp and the wig. The pros and cons of this secondary layer depend largely on personal preference and vary for those who have bare scalps and those who are wearing wigs over an amount of natural hair.

There are many ways a wig cap can affect your comfort, security, and appearance.

  • If your scalp is bare a wig cap may diminish or eliminate any undesired rubbing or chafing of the underside of the wig against your scalp. It may also help anchor the wig to your head by providing a smooth, dry surface, especially during those sweaty summer months. Scalps can be lumpy, bumpy things, and a wig cap will smooth those out for a smoother appearance.

  • If you have natural hair a cap can still provide a welcome barrier between scalp and wig. It may lend security to the wearing by tidily anchoring all tresses up and smoothing the platform for the wig. The smoothing effects of the cap will also make the wig lay nicely upon your scalp and minimize any bumps and lumps created by your natural hair.

If you’re interested in trying a wig cap for the first time or are ready to revisit one for your summer wearing, be sure to look for ones that have the following qualities:

  • Seamless or exterior seams. There’s no reason to add a seam against your scalp that will just add a potential point of irritation.

  • Sophisticated fibers. Advances in fiber technology mean the wig cap market is being populated with materials that can wick away moisture, feel silky against your skin, and offer cooling properties.

  • Pleasant fit. Scalps are not one size, but many wig caps are. It may take trying a few different brands to find one that is comfortable on your head.

In the end, it comes down to individual preference as to whether a wig cap is a daily addition to your wig-wearing repertoire or something that sits in the drawer and is only used occasionally. It may even be something that comes and goes during your wig-wearing journey depending on the season and the amount of hair on your scalp. Love ‘em or hate ‘em, they may be worth a try!



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