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What Wigs Look Most Natural

Ongoing innovations have made today’s wigs almost indecipherable from natural hair—with one customer raving that “their synthetic wig can hold its own with any ‘real hair’ wig on the market”. While the “real” factor varies from brand to brand, knowing the benefits of different features AND fibers will help ensure you get the look and stylability you want.

Human Hair Wigs

As you’d expect, 100% HUMAN HAIR wigs have the same texture, weight, and feel as natural hair. but they also come with same drawbacks.  Human Hair wigs are easily affected by weather, their color can fade, and excessive styling can cause damage.

To avoid overworking fibers, use Dry Shampoo between washings. (Just make sure to use it ONLY in the inside of the cap.)

Human Hair / Synthetic Blend Wigs

Blended wigs combine Human Hair’s look, touch and stylability with Synthetic fibers durability. Less affected by humidity, they hold their style after multiple washings. And 100% Kanekalon® fibers are renowned for holding their shade, shape, and shine.

If stylability is paramount, ENVY’s unique EnvyHair™️blend can be heat-styled up to 285° F—allowing wig-wearers to style it just as they would their bio hair. (And it costs about 1/3 less than most 100% Human Hair products.)

Monofilament Wigs

Like LACE FRONT Wigs, MONO TOP and MONO PART wigs feature individual strands hand-tied to a monofilament material. The construction simulates natural hair’s growth and movement. And the ability to part most styles any way you choose makes them appear more like your own hair.

Lace Front Wigs

The natural look of ENVY’s LACE FRONT wigs starts with its graduated density (a finer appearance in front that gently increases towards the crown). Strands are individually hand-tied to an invisible lace material, making it look as if the hair is growing out of your own scalp. And the invisible hairline allows you to wear hair away from your face for maximum stylability.

Make Your Synthetic Wig More Believable

  • While the benefits of 100% Kanekalon® fibers are many, there are additional steps you can take to “up” the natural look of synthetic wigs.

  • Spraying dry shampoo can “matte” the fake shine common to some synthetic fibers.

  • Tweeze a few hairs from your wig’s hairline to give it a more natural look. (Just avoid over-plucking in one single spot.)

  • Style your wig into a braid, ponytail, or updo. Making ANY style your own makes it more believable.

  • Choose a wig cap that matches your wigs color. (The scalp will look more authentic.)

Don’t Let Your Wig’s Fit Give Your Secret Away

Measure your head properly (taking circumference, ear-to-ear, and front-to-back measurements) to ensure you buy the right wig size. Velcro Adjustments and Ear Tabs allow you to adjust your wig’s circumference and placement to avoid the shifting that signals “wig.” For an extra boost of confidence, try a Velvet Wig Grip.

Whether you’ve turned to wigs as a solution to hair loss or simply to express your personal style, you want them look natural. And today, there’s no reason they can’t. Have your own “natural-looking wig” hack? Share it with us.



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