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It’s Turkey Time! The kick-off to the whirlwind of the holidays, Thanksgiving weekend seems to be equal parts of sheer chaos and fun. Whether you are host or helper, or maybe a bit of both, we have a plan for you to survive and thrive in comfort with your wig looking great!

You’ve got lists upon lists this season, but this one is simple and easy to follow in between the meal prep and partying.

2 Weeks Before Thanksgiving

Let’s take a good look at your wig before things get super busy. Do the style and color help you feel your very best? Are the ends silky and smooth? Is it still covering well in key areas such as the hairline and part? If not, now is the time to head to your favorite Envy retailer and update your look.

1 Week Before Thanksgiving

Check your headscarf inventory, and order that breathable wig liner you’ve been thinking about. You’ll be happy to have a cool option in a guest-filled house, and one more scarf is always easy to justify. Spending the day around the house preparing and cleaning is a nice time to go bare and allow your tender skin some fresh air.

The Night Before Thanksgiving

Nothing keeps a turkey tender and juicy like a tried and true overnight brine. While the bird is soaking in its own little salt water spa, take the time to wash and style your wig so it will be fresh for Thursday guests.

The Busy Morning

The perfectly roasted turkey usually requires an early alarm. Skip the wig step for those early morning hours and opt for putting it on shortly before your guests arrive. The benefit of this is twofold. One, it will keep the wig-wearing hours to a minimum; and two, you can go about doing things such as opening and closing the oven without worrying about frizzed or singed tresses. Singed tresses or singed gravy, neither are good!

Before the Doorbell Rings

Take a few moments to don your wig and do an extra check for security. You’ll be leaning in for hugs and doing all the last minute details in a rush, so no undesirable shifting allowed! It may be that some of your guests have not seen your latest look—be prepared for compliments and questions. Now is a good time to put something obvious on your oven to serve as a reminder to have someone else open the doors if you are wearing a synthetic wig.

Enjoying the Meal

This part needs no explanation. Dive in, and embrace great eats and good company!

Post Meal Napping

If you can sneak away for a wigless hour while everyone is zoned out in front of the game, do it! Your scalp will be thankful for some precious bare time.

Shopping Til You Drop

Thanksgiving Weekend wouldn’t be complete without getting a jump on the holiday shopping. It’s a Black Friday bonus that you have a fresh wig to quickly pop on before you head for the door in those wee hours. Be sure to check with your Envy Wigs retailer to see if they have any special Thanksgiving promotions or events to add to your list.

Enjoy your holidays!


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