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When asked how long it took to do her hair, Dolly Parton once quipped, “I don’t know, I’m never there.” While the size of your wig wardrobe may not equal the superstar’s, you still want to store them properly. And we’ve got tips for both seasonal/special occasion pieces and those go-to styles you access almost daily.

Long-Term Storage

There are multiple solutions for special-occasion pieces (or those who prefer to keep their wigs out of sight), starting with their Original Box! A ball of white tissue inside your wigs and a hair net around them will help each keep its shape.

Wig Bags: Usually made from soft material like satin, these drawstring bags are easy on wig fibers and pretty enough to keep out in the open.

Plastic Bins: Air-tight, they offer even greater protection. (Just make sure wigs are completely dry before packing with tissue and hair net.)

Zippered Wig Hangers Allowing your wigs to hang naturally helps them keep their shape and the see-through sides make finding the wig you want easy. Plus, they’re a great solution for traveling with wigs. Another added bonus? The hanger makes styling and drying your wigs much easier.

Short-Term Storage

For easy access to your everyday wigs, think about getting multiple Wig or Hat Stands. Whether in simple plastic or a simple wig stands it simulates the shape of your head and help your wigs keep their structure. If you have a large number of wigs, look into a Standing Wig or Hat Rack.

If you’re like Moira from “Schitt’s Creek” and have no problem displaying your wigs out in the open, go for it! If you’re short on shelf space, install a tension rod between two walls and use plastic wig hangers. Just make sure to check wigs frequently for dust or other environmental damage. And always avoid direct sunlight.

Clean Before You Store

Wigs should be washed every 15-20 uses—exercise wigs even more regularly—and always before being stored in any sealed container. After washing, gently comb your wig to remove the knots and tangles. Use a wide-tooth comb, starting just above the ends and moving upward (while combing downward). Afterward, apply a conditioner designed for wigs

to renew luster and repair the damage caused by normal wear. Once dry, your wig is ready to store. Wig-lovers know they’re secret is safe with us. Now, your wigs can be stored safely, too.

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