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Six Great Tips for Making a Wig Work with Your Active Lifestyle

So, you’ve been hitting the gym, exercising out in nature, and even playing a few different sports. That means you’re living life to the fullest and feeling better than ever. But you’re also tired of feeling distracted, constantly wondering if your wig is secure while you’re in the heat of the action. Below are six great tips for making your wig work with an active lifestyle. That way, you’ll always be sure your wigs are moving you forward instead of holding you back.

Secure Your Wig

Whenever you’re getting that heart rate up, you’re definitely jostling your wig around a little bit more. So, be sure to take a few of the stabilizing measures, like using wig straps, wearing a wig cap, or even popping in a few hair pins. You can even look into wig-gripping headbands, which provide a little extra friction and make sure there’s nothing flapping around that shouldn’t be.

Wash Your Wig Accordingly

People usually associate dirty hair with natural hair. But keep in mind, wigs get dirty, too. They’re gradually absorbing dust, sweat, or dirt from your heart-pumping adventures. That means that your wig needs to freshen up once in a while. We’re hyperlinking to a few great wig-care products here. But also make sure you don’t wash your wig too often, or unnecessarily which could end up wearing out your wig a little sooner than you’d imagined.

Wig Hats

If you’re hitting the trails, you might feel like you’re torn between wearing a wig or a hat. After all, sometimes it can get a little bulky to slide one inside of the other. But with a hybrid-style “wig hat,” you get a nice combination of both. These merge the aesthetics of a wig with the sun-cover of a hat. Similarly, wig visors are perfect for the golf course, tennis court, or even a nice afternoon power-walk.

Select a Wig that Breathes

Let’s say that you’ve been working up quite a sweat, really hitting it hard, and find yourself overheating. Consider looking into a “capless” wig, or an open-cap wig. In simple terms, that just means these wigs are designed with breathability in mind. You’re getting more airflow. You’re more comfortable. And you’re perfectly positioned to do more of what you actually love.

Have a Dedicated “Exercise Wig”

You might’ve heard about the concept of a “gym shirt.” They’re usually a little bit older, less formal, and way less expensive. Well, there’s a great reason for that: Exercise is hard on your shirts. You’re sweating, adding more wear-and-tear to your clothing, and washing everything more often. So, you’re pretty hesitant to work out in your “Sunday’s best.” You can bring that same sensibility to your wigs. Have a dedicated wig or two for exercising—make sure they’re older, more affordable, or both.

If you have a pretty big hike planned this weekend, and you’ll be out on the trail all day, you don’t want any surprises when you’re deep in the wilderness. So, if you’re new to exercising in wigs, try to start small with a few laps around your own neighborhood. You might end up learning a lot in a lower-stakes setting and be glad that you learned those lessons close to home. Then you can make a few adjustments well in advance of your next big adventure.

You’re always on the go and really getting out there. That means that you need a wig that can actually keep up with you. So, try these tips for wearing a wig with an active lifestyle. They’ll provide a little extra stability, and a lot of peace of mind.



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