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How To Pick The Perfect Summer Wig

Summertime is upon us, and with that comes the heat and humidity. Don’t let the sizzling rays keep you from looking you best hair unit. Wig wearing in the steamy months doesn’t have to be a chore. You and your style can stay looking and feeling fresh and beautiful by following these tips to pick your perfect summer wig.

Take Advantage of Clever Construction

There is a lot of thought and engineering that goes into the construction of a wig. Some of that is geared towards style and some is geared towards comfort, which includes integrating tried and true ways to keep you cool. Many of our styles, for instance, make use of a delicate layer of gossamer that softly hugs your scalp and allows ample air to flow through. In general, the more sheer the construction, the cooler you will stay.

Lighten Those Tresses

Is life as a blonde really more fun? The jury is out on that, but life is definitely cooler as a blonde. The rays can really soak into those glossy dark locks and amp up the temperature in a hurry. A seasonal switch to a lighter color is a great way to mix up your look and stay more comfortable. As an additional bonus, lighter hair colors are less susceptible to fading in the UV rays, meaning your wig will last longer.

Fake It Till You Make It (To Autumn)

There’s no doubt that natural hair wigs look and feel gorgeous. But since the weight of natural hair is much heavier than man-made, you may enjoy a synthetic wig for the summer months to lighten things up a bit. Another thing to love about wearing synthetic is the incredible ability of the tresses to keep their beautiful style through heat, humidity, and even an occasional afternoon rain shower. Just shake and go, staying all kinds of stylish.

Short and Sassy

Opting for a short style that shows off your collarbones and allows air to circulate around your neck will go miles in the unrelenting heat. The wig itself will also be lighter and cooler on your scalp. If you can’t say goodbye to your long waves, get creative about how you tie them up and back to encourage the air to flow more freely.

Try a No Sweat Liner

If you have not experimented with a liner, now is the time. Despite the reflexive aversion to adding another layer, a liner made with cooling materials can be a fabulous addition to your summer wig wardrobe. They help wick away moisture and keep your wig looking and feeling fresh.

Enjoy all of your summer activities, and go confidently from poolside to barbecue even when the temperatures soar. To check out the latest in styles and comfort schedule a time to come in.



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