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How To Cut A Bang Into Your Wig

There are many reasons you might be tempted to grab the scissors and cut your wig’s bangs. They may have crept into your eyes one too many times. Maybe you’ve seen a great new style and suddenly covet a flirty fringe. Perhaps the wig sits on your head straight out of the box in a way that requires a little shortening. Or, you just need a change and you need it NOW. 

Whatever the reason, the steps for cutting bangs into your wig or adjusting existing bangs are easy to follow, and you’ll soon be sporting your updated look!


Simple tools and simple prepping will set you up for success.

  • Gather your tools: a sharp, small pair of scissors, full length or good sized mirror, a few clips, and your wig comb.

  • Secure your wig to your head as you normally do, taking care to make sure it is straight from side to side and aligned properly, resting directly on your hairline.

  • Separate the desired section for your bangs. Depending on the look you’re after—you might desire thick bangs or wispier—start with the minimum and work your way back.

  • Briefly clip your bang section together to allow you to collect all the rest of the hair into a ponytail or clip so it will be out of your cutting area.


Now comes the fun part! Remember to go slowly—an ⅛ of an inch or ¼ inch is a good place to start, since there is no growing back! If you are cutting bangs from full-length tresses, first take off the majority of the length you need to make it manageable, and then proceed carefully.

  • Unclip your bang section and double check your wig’s alignment to make sure it hasn’t shifted during the clipping and gathering stages.

  • Comb the bangs out so they are smooth and tangle free.

  • Pull the entire bang section out smooth and taut between your index and middle finger of your nondominant hand, away from your forehead. Keep in mind that the hair will spring back and appear shorter when it is not being held. 

  • With the scissors, carefully snip the edges of the bangs at a 45 degree angle. This will ensure the bangs lie nicely and will minimize mistakes that can be readily identified in a blunt cut.

  • Continue to cut across with small snips until the entire bang area has been cut.


This part requires a critical eye and the bravery to go back for more!

  • Allow the bangs to fall back into their normal position. Step away from the mirror and take a look. If they’re still too long, repeat the cutting steps again, incrementally. 

  • If the bangs look right, move around a bit, run your fingers through, toss your head in a glamorous fashion, and take a second look. If a few strays pop up, you can trim them now.

  • Live with it for a few days, and if you need to go back in and do a little more cutting, now you know how to do so with confidence!

Fine Tuning Tips

A picture or screenshot of your goal bangs set up nearby while you cut will help keep you on track.

  • If you’re going for a side swept look, cut the bangs on a gradual angle, allowing the length to blend in smoothly.

  • A good rule of thumb when choosing how wide across the forehead your bangs will be is to section the hair from outer eyebrow to outer eyebrow.

  • If the bang section is too big to easily manage, feel free to split it in two sections down the middle. Be sure to double check that each side is even after a fluff.

  • Blunt bangs can be achieved by following the above directives and substituting a straight cutting motion rather than a snipping motion.

  1. Changing up your bangs will bring a whole new look to your face, bringing out your best features. It can also act as a subtle aid in blending your natural hairline. If reading through the above directions makes you break out into a cold sweat, simply take your wig to a hairdresser who is experienced in cutting wigs and request your new perfect look.

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