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Hair Loss & Positive Gains

Did you know that 50% of women experience thinning hair after fifty?

Women leading stressful lives are 11 times more likely to experience hair loss? And that hair loss is rising steadily in younger generations, due to poor nutrition, yo-yo dieting, and new medications. Thankfully, the acceptance of wigs has risen dramatically, as well. Styles are more comfortable AND more life-like, helping to erase past stigmas associated with wig-wearing.That acceptance couldn’t come soon enough for the 24% of women who equate hair loss with losing a limb. (Like breast cancer patients)

Many doctors concede that more can be done to build awareness of the non-medical (or emotional) aspects surrounding cancer. While the occasional study has centered on coping with hair loss, further research is needed on how to best treat the depression, anxiety and social phobia that results from it. Let's continue the conversation...


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