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Women love the comfort and ease of a perfectly right wig. When you’ve hit wig utopia—the right style, color, and fit—there is every reason to want to keep your wig lasting as long as possible. There are a few simple things you can do to make your wig go the distance.

Quality First

Think shoes. Think sheets. Think Wine. Think wigs. Quality just makes sense. It won’t make your wine last any longer (quite the opposite, perhaps) but it will mean your tresses look better for longer. So while that cute, inexpensive fashion wig may look darling at first, you may well see signs of wear within weeks, and you’ll feel the difference immediately. So bypass the temptation to save dollars upfront and, instead, spend it wisely on a quality hair piece.

The Washing Dilemma

Washing too frequently=bad. Washing too infrequently=bad. Hitting the right balance when it comes to washing is an individual decision that only you can make. It will depend on your lifestyle, your climate, and even your own body chemistry. So relax about all the rules that say 7 days or 10 days or 3 days, and just follow your own intuition. If your wig is looking dull or feeling crunchy, it is time to wash.

A Gentle Touch

Are wigs durable? Yes, indeed. But even the most durable among them benefit from your tender loving care. When you reach for the suds or the brush, do so with a light touch. This will yield tresses that bounce back wear after wear. Rotation, Rotation, Rotation

Your wall may not look like Moira Rose’s when it comes to wig selection, but you will gain wearability and convenience by having at least two wigs to choose from. This gives them the time to air out properly, allows you to stagger or combine washing sessions (whichever suits you best), and having a backup gives many women a welcome peace of mind.

Storage Matters

Wig storage doesn’t need to be fancy or expensive, but it does need to be thoughtful. Keeping your wigs away from heat, humidity, and bright light will pay dividends in preserving the fresh new look that brings on the compliments. One word of advice: if you routinely store your wig in between wearings, make sure it is entirely dry before tucking it away.

By incorporating these best practices and processes you can continue to step out in confidence with your wig for months to come. Happy wig-wearing!



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