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Best Care & Maintenance for Alternative Hair: Wigs, Toppers & Hair Systems- 3 part blog.

You've invested your cash flow, extensive time & expertise, and emotional care in your wig & toppers to provide the best options for your clients. So, it only makes good sense to educate your client on the best options to care for this mutual investment.

With proper gentle wearing & care, your client's investment will last longer with the proper home care liquid lines specifically designed for Human or Synthetic Fibers.

This is like buying a high-end-high-quality garment and just dumping it into the regular laundry and dryer without a second thought. Proper home care will make the cap structure hold its shape longer along with protecting the knotting of the hair or fiber into the base.  

You should not use regular shampoo for wigs. One of the biggest myths about human hair wigs is that they require the same products you’d use on your natural hair. This is simply not the case.

While you may be able to use one of your usual hair products on both your natural hair and your wig, this is an exception rather than the rule. The issue with regular shampoos is that they often contain chemicals that are appropriate for your natural hair and detrimental to your wig.

For instance, regular shampoos contain surfactants (sulfates and sulfate alternatives) that are meant to remove oils from your natural hair.

While these surfactants are great oil removers, your wig won’t like them. Regular shampoo can leave your wig dry and dull and increase its shedding rate – this goes for both human hair and synthetic wigs. And even if your shampoo doesn’t contain the harshest surfactants out there (sulfates), it could still ruin your wig over time.

In the next blog we will talk a bout what makes a good wig shampoo. stay tuned .



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