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How Cooking Can Ruin Your Wig

Smell that? Is it pumpkin pie, turkey, and stress sweat from dealing with distant relatives? Must mean the holidays are upon us once again! 

With the holiday season so close, many people are scouring Pinterest and Grandma's recipe box for holiday meal ideas and baked goods. But beware! No matter how delicious your entrees may be, you may end up cooking more than your Thanksgiving dinner this year. That's right folks, we're talking about your synthetic wig But don’t worry—we’re here to help you avoid a sticky (or melty) situation to guarantee your get-togethers go over without a hitch.

While synthetic wigs are normally low maintenance, many first-time wig wearers don't know that synthetic hairpieces aren't exactly kitchen friendly—especially when it comes to heat. Synthetic wig fibers are made from a variety of quality plastic strands which may contain polyester, polyvinyl, and acrylic. While you probably already know that you can't use heated styling tools on your synthetic 'do, you might not know that the heat from cooking can scorch, fry, and even melt your wig! We’re talking about a huge mess.

How does this happen? Heat or steam from standing over boiling pots and the initial blast of hot air when you open the oven are both nefarious culprits that can ruin your wig forever in an instant.  Even opening a hot dishwasher can be a threat!

Who wouldn't want to wear their wig during the most wonderful time of the year? We have good news: It is possible to wear your synthetic wig in the kitchen—IF you're extremely careful. Here are some tips to help make sure your wig stays in tip-top shape:

  • Have someone else put the turkey in the oven. The heat from opening the oven is a definite wig hazard. To avoid baking your wig along with the turkey, have someone else put in, remove from, and check on any goodies in the oven.

  • Stand back. When facing the heat of the kitchen, distance is key. Stand back at arm's length when removing any lids from pots and pans, and make sure you don't stand over steamy pots on the stove top. Or better yet, have someone else do it!

  • Wrap up your wig. Wearing a turban over your wig while you're cooking is optional, but it does give your wig an extra layer of protection from the heat.

  • Tie it back. If your wig is long enough, use a clip or hair tie to pull it back into a ponytail. This will ensure there aren't any wayward stands that end up singed.



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