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2020 it’s time to level up on the look.

Let’s collectively sluff off all the old, dead weight of the previous year, and bound into 2020 with all the verve and panache it deserves. What better way to do that than with a dazzling new look from The Wig Dr.

Is “have more fun with my hair” on your list of resolutions? Take a browse through our newest collection—and see what catches your eye. Made with the highest quality heat-friendly synthetic and human hair strands blended together, these tresses allow you to heat set, curl and straighten your look to your heart’s content. Along with the rest of our styles, these wigs take you from day to night—work to play—in a snap!

If you’re looking to change up your do from day to day in the new decade, look no further than lace front mono styles. This alluring collection boasts a natural-looking hairline, which allows you to sweep your hair off your face. The appearance of a natural scalp means you can part these wigs anywhere or even create side swept bangs. And the best part? The cap is as soft and airy as dandelion fluff—you can wear it all day long in total comfort.

Adding a little sparkle and shine to your new year style is as easy as pie with our selections. Combining high style with extreme wearability, you’ll find this collection can go from place to place with great comfort and look good every step of the way due to its gossamer, breathable layer that lies gently upon the scalp. You can work all day and then dance until dark in confidence with the supportive and stretchy netting, which is conveniently dyed for complete coverage.


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