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Power vibe compression socks

Power vibe compression socks


Juzo Power Vibe compression socks move with you all day, delivering firm, therapeutic compression and support that looks great. Power Vibe comes in unisex, colorful patterns and are extremely easy to put on; and they stay up. Designed with a comfort band, seamless toe and moisture wicking-material, these compression socks are cooler and more comfortable than others. The Power Vibe helps keep you grooving on the path to healthier legs.


Models: 2650 & 2651

Styles: Knee High

Sizes: (15-20) S, M, L, XL / (20-30) S, M, L, XL, 2XL

Lengths: Standard

Compressions: 15-20 mmHg & 20-30 mmHg


Easy to put on and take off

New 15-20 sizing using shoe size

Trendy Patterns

Moisture wicking

Seamless toe

Machine wash and dry


Poor Circulation


Achy, Tired Legs

Spider Veins

Minor Varicose Veins

Early stage of chronic venous insufficiency

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