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Follicle Enegizer with Biotin and Caffeine

Follicle Enegizer with Biotin and Caffeine


Support healthy hair function in areas of thinning with Healthy Hair and Scalp Follicle Energizer, an intensive, advanced leave-in treatment serum featuring Biotin and Caffeine to help inhibit the effects of DHT on hair and scalp and strengthen hair.

Botanical extracts help protect and strengthen for thicker, fuller-looking hair. Biotin and Panthenol help strengthen the hair while DHT-blocking Caffeine and Rosemary Extract help reduce scalp inflammation and increase circulation. Contains stimulating activators that assist in increasing cellular energy and microcirculation on the scalp, creating the foundation for healthy hair growth.

How To Use

Upon first using the product, you may need to pump the dispenser several times.

Follicle Energizer is in an airless pump dispenser to ensure you are able to dispense all of the product in the bottle.

Apply one or two drops to finger tips, massage into areas of scalp concern. Do not rinse.

May be used up to two times a day on dry or freshly shampooed hair.

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