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When you’re wearing a curly wig, you may already think of it as a “look.” And it definitely is! But you can also go the extra mile and really style those locks into an endless range of possibilities. So, while the sky’s the limit, here are six of our favorite ways to wear those beautiful, spunky curls of yours.

1. Pin-Up Bangs

The nice thing about pin-up bangs is that they’re fast, easy, and bold. All you need is a couple of hair pins, a few short moments, and you end up with a throwback look that’s absolutely timeless. Try adding a bandana or a vintage scarf if you really want to take that retro feel to the next level.

2. The Messy Updo

This look helps you strike a nice balance of feeling put-together and spontaneous. You start by creating a ponytail and tying it off. Then you pin sections of that same ponytail to its base. And just like that, you have a casual look with plenty of attitude. One of our favorite parts about the messy updo is that you can wear it high or low and get multiple looks out of the same style. Just make sure you position your ponytail accordingly and are in the mood for plenty of attention.

3. The Cuffed High-Ponytail

The “high-pony” is a classic for a reason. It’s sporty, energetic, and always makes an entrance. But you can kick it up a notch with a proper ponytail cuff. Make sure you give this some thought, especially since it’s the focal point of the entire look. We like something thin, flat, and metallic. Or you can spice it up with a chain-link ponytail cuff, something sparkly, or a fun pattern. Once you have the ponytail cuff that you like, decide just how high you want to go and let it fly with confidence. Feel free to grab a few ponytail cuffs for a bunch of variations on the same aesthetic.

4. The Side-Swept Low Ponytail

For a more laid-back look, try the side-swept low ponytail. They’re intentionally messy, imperfect, and spontaneous. So, they’re a seamless way to embrace the rebellious spirit of your curly hair. Wear it draped over your shoulder for a relaxed look that’s perfect for those backyard hangouts.

5. The Half-Bun

With the half-bun, you’re only making a bun with the hair that’s up front. That way, you get all of the practicality of wearing your hair up, but then you marry that convenience with the long and flowy look of letting the rest of it fly. For a little extra personality, let a few strands hang free and curl down the side of your face.

6. The Top-Knot with a Headband

Whether it’s a top-knot, a bun, or a ponytail, think about accessories. Do you like the look of a headband? How about a scarf or bandana? When was the last time you threw on a fedora? The top-knot with a headband is definitely a great look, but for a little variety, take a broad interpretation of this same approach. Hair clips, barrettes, and hair ties aren’t just practical; they’re also a stylistic choice.

Your curly hair already commands the room. But for a look that’s especially memorable, give those bangs, updos, and ponytails some extra pizzazz. And by the time you layer in a few accessories, you’ll have an unforgettable look that’s perfect for any occasion.



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