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Dr. Gamble is a Trichologist

A trichologist is someone who studies and treats hair and scalp ailments and focuses on the process of regrowing hair. Trichologists search for answers by getting to know the clients personal history, lifestyle, genetic factors and environmental conditions. Details such as if he/she is on medications, suffers from hormonal imbalance, is under a lot of stress, or has nutritional deficiencies, are all fundamental to a trichologist.

Based on this information a hair specialist will in fact be able to properly asses your case and suggest treatment plans and lifestyle changes that will improve your hair growth and benefit your scalp.

Trichologists are paramedicals, which means that they supplement and support medical work. Your physician and your health specialist should therefore work together in order to better understand whether your hair loss can be associated with medical problems or deficiencies that your doctor can help resolve.

Trichologists are specifically trained on hair and scalp health, which means that, unlike dermatologists, they have a complete understanding of how hair loss works and how best it can be treated.

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