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You...But Better!

There is a lot to be said about the pursuit of perfection, but when it comes to your wig, a little imperfection can go a long way to achieving the ultra-natural look you crave. A fresh-from-the-box wig has a whole lot of style, but making it your own may require a little strategic undoing. Here are some tips for claiming a perfectly imperfect style that’s yours, and yours alone.

Choose the Perfect Fit

The basis for your perfectly imperfect look tends to rest on this caveat—it must fit you well. You can achieve this by careful measuring before you purchase, and considering a petite or large option, if needed. What you wear under your wig, such as a wig cap, will help customize your fit as well. Once you have the wig sitting pretty and comfortably on your head, it is time to gently undo that “new.”

Tone Down the Shine

Everyone loves shiny locks, but if your synthetic wig is a little too shiny it may read as unnatural. The first step is to wash the wig. A gentle shampooing will often take the edge off the high gloss. If you want to knock it down another notch, sparingly apply talcum powder or dry shampoo to the upper portions using a makeup brush, and work through with a wig brush. Keep in mind that a little usually goes a long way!

Switch up the Part

A slightly messy part conveys a look that’s uniquely yours. When the wig is on your head or on a wig stand, gently reposition strands along the part line. You can even go a step further and use manicure scissors to snip a few wispy pieces to muss up the part line. Easy does it on the snipping, though—again, a little goes a long way!

Make a Trip to Your Stylist

Your stylist is your best resource for making you look like YOU. He or she can trim a new wig to mimic your desired style and make careful adjustments to angles and bulk to flatter your face. With a few talented cuts here and there you will be walking out with a style that’s all you and then some.

Customize the Hairline

Depending on the wig you choose, you may find that the hairline is more precise than necessary. You can add a realistic touch by trimming the lace front edges, if applicable, and pulling a few strands of your own hair, if you have it, to blend in with the wig edges. Bangs are another fun way to disguise a less-than-natural-looking hairline.

Replace as Needed

Wigs don’t last forever, and when they begin to show wear it can take away from the natural look. Your wig care arsenal should include an excellent wig shampoo, conditioner and comb along with routine washing. If you are wearing your wig regularly, inspect it once a month for signs of wear, so you can identify when it begins to move past its prime.


When in doubt, accessorize! A rakish hat, a pretty clip, or a cheerful scarf are all good additions to your wig wardrobe. The right accessories can make a seasonal statement, as well, and send you sailing from one look to the next.

Remember, a hairstyle that is truly yours is far better than perfection any time. Enjoy taking your wig to the next level of YOU-ness. Looking great will bring a spring to your step and a smile to your face no matter which Envy wig you wear!



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