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Time Savers and Hot Tips for the Holidays

The holiday season is upon us, and rather than spend precious time on your wig routine, that time can be better spent in a variety of ways. What can you do to keep your daily and weekly wig routine streamlined and easy to manage? We have a few time-saving tips for you. Pick one, pick all, and enjoy a little free time.

Invest in a Second Wig

When you find a look you love, it’s never a bad idea to double up. Having two of your favorites on hand makes all the wig chores simple. Washing, drying, and styling two at once makes sense time-wise and resource consumption-wise by using less water. You will also appreciate extending the time between having to wash and style.

Ditch it on Cooking Days

A busy kitchen can get hot in a hurry, and the last thing you need to add to your baking is the constant mental reminder to not open a hot oven when wearing a synthetic wig! Make those sessions a wig-free zone, and instead opt for a comfortable wrap or hat, or go au natural. You’ll be able to focus just on the good things…like fresh apple pie.

Accessorize, Accessorize, Accessorize

Speaking of hats and wraps, instead of spending your morning time re-styling your tresses for the day, consider adding a quick and fun accessory to dress it up. Alternatively adding a hat or scarf can allow you to go an extra day or so between washes since it hides any imperfections.

Use the Right Tools

Having a good wig brush or comb is imperative for the proper care of your wig. No substitutions allowed! Not only does a comb specially made for wigs help avoid damage to your precious locks, but it also makes it so much easier and quicker to get through those tangles. Remember to start at the bottom and work your way gently to the top. A sturdy wig stand can help.

Moisturize If you find you are spending an increased amount of time trying to make your wig look its best, the tresses may be a bit parched. With the absence of natural oils from your scalp to help lubricate the strands, this is apt to happen frequently. Combat this by using a wig conditioner routinely when washing, and give it a little extra love in the form of a leave-in conditioner, as well. The rehydrated strands will be a snap to style. Now is a good time to also check your wig storage placement. Keeping it away from heat sources is a good way to diminish the drying effects of warm air.

Now that you have a few tips in your arsenal, it’s time to put your feet up and enjoy a few leisurely minutes perusing the latest styles that The Wig Dr. has to offer. No need to even leave the house…shop online.



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