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It’s been a long summer, and your favorite wig has served you well. Through heat waves, social events, splashes at the pool, and quiet days at home it’s been there every step of the way. You meet in the morning and bid adieu each evening, and all is quite well until you wake up one day, take a look, and decide, “I’m done. I cannot wear this wig another day!”

Oh yes. It happens. You’ve got far less change in a wig relationship, you see? With natural hair you are going to the salon, having a refresh of color or style, and gaining that bit of spring in your step that comes with it. Your trusty wig on the other hand is so steady, so predictable, so SAME that it may catch up to you in a rush that you need CHANGE. NOW.

Certainly you can rush out the door right this minute to your favorite wig boutique and engage in some retail therapy, and bring home a whole new look. But maybe you and your wig aren’t ready to call it quits and move forward in new wig relationships quite yet. Never fear, there are a few wig therapy tricks that can get the two of you back on track.

Date Night

Remember when your relationship with your wig was brand new, and you lovingly, gently washed and triple rinsed it, making sure all the strands were perfectly aligned? That care may now be replaced by a quickie wash near midnight because you should have done it a day ago but there never seems to be the right time. Add in a hot summer and a little more sweat and UV rays, and your wig can begin showing the wear. So, take a night, and give your wig a really good sudsing. Let it soak for a few extra minutes, give it an extra rinse, a little conditioner, and be extra careful to comb it out carefully on a wig stand. You’ll see a nice difference in the morning.

Wigs Love Bling

Every wig benefits from a new accessory every now and again. New may mean a trip out to your favorite shop or just a dig through that forgotten drawer where you keep such things. A colorful scarf, a floppy hat, or even just a bit of sparkle will add a special glow to your look. Don’t forget to give those favorite accessories a bit of a wash and refresh when you can to keep them looking fresh and new.

Reinvent Your Look

If your wig is able to withstand heat pull out the styling tools, and experiment with a new look. You can straighten, curl, or add soft waves with ease. You may be surprised at what a difference this brings to your whole look. If you’re not able to heat set your wig, try a few new looks by pulling strands back or changing the part. And if you’re really jonesing for a whole new look, take your wig to your trusted hair stylist and have them give it a chop!

Change the Landscape

Your wig is just one part of your style. New makeup, even just a swipe of mascara or a new lipgloss can energize your whole self. Take some time to study the new makeup trends and adopt one as your own. A YouTube tutorial on a smokey or neutral eye may be just the trick! Maybe it wasn’t the wig, after all?

Be kind to yourself (and your wig). Relationships can be challenging, after all. By breaking up the same old routine you may find yourself falling head over heels with your wig all over again!



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