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Raise your hand if you’re a Game of Thrones fan. US TOO! It’s the TV show that’s swept the nation, and…is it just us, or are we seeing a rise in Daenerys Targaryen’s white locks roaming around town? Whether Mother of Dragons-inspired or not, grey and white hair is IN, and we are loving it.

What we find most appealing about the grey trend is that it’s for absolutely everyone. Grey has made its way into the hearts of women of all ages—from teens to middle age and beyond. We’re seeing supermodels rocking the look on and off the runway, and celebrities from Kelly Osbourne to Jamie Lee Curtis to Dame Judi Dench are embracing and enhancing their silver strands.

The problem is, achieving that beautiful white or silver color with your natural hair is no mean feat. Harsh bleaches and chemicals are used to strip away the color—even more difficult if you have naturally dark hair—which can damage and weaken your hair. And sitting for so long in the stylist’s chair (we absolutely do NOT recommend trying to go grey on your own) with sting-y bleach soaking into your scalp is not the most comfortable experience. Even if you’re going grey naturally, how long will it take to achieve that nice, even silver color everyone’s rocking so effortlessly?

Wigs, as always, to the rescue! Whether you’re suffering from hair loss or just want to try grey without the commitment, wigs are the perfect solution for donning those silver hues safely and easily. You can’t go wrong choosing a short style, like a pixie, as they almost always look smashing in grey. But for a real statement opt for a bob…or even longer.

Looking for those Daenerys Stormborn locks? Give Belinda or Sheena in Light Grey a try. We love Olivia in Light Grey for that Judi Dench look, and Fiona in Medium Grey was stunning enough to make the cover of our latest catalog. (Have you checked that out, by the way? If you haven’t, now’s the time!)

Not sure which look is for you? Head to the wig dr and try a few on. And be sure to post photos of your faves to our social media pages.



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